Law firms: 3 ways to stay competitive

Want to stay ahead of the game with your competitors? Here are three things to consider when shipping sensitive materials.

By Marvin Younger, Alston & Bird administrative services manager on 1/30/2013


As the administrative services manager for Alston & Bird, I support our nine office locations in the areas of purchasing, quality control, document production, travel, and courier services. We ship out hundreds of packages of legal documents on a daily basis pertaining to corporate, medical, contracts, and briefs. And all of those documents are critical – we have to ensure that they are delivered to the right person and the right place at the right time. No surprises.

Here are three things that law firms should consider to stay competitive:

  • Accuracy and efficiency: Quality control plays a very important role in our responsibilities. We have to ensure that we do things right the first time. There's no time for rework – clients don't have the patience for it. Efficiency helps us free up staff time to do more and focus on the most important tasks. If we're spending hours on billing and tracking packages, we're wasting time that could be spent more effectively on services for our clients.
  • Technology: We scan packages, track them and import invoices into our client management software. All of that speeds up our operational process. As a result, we make fewer errors utilizing automated tasks like importing invoices into our cost management system and allocating charges to clients. Our processes are streamlined, so we get our job done faster.
  • Branding: When people see physical reminders of our firm, it strengthens our identity and reputation. It lets people know who we are, gives us an identity as a firm, and allows us to express ourselves visually. We're using UPS's customized express envelope as a vehicle to reinforce our reputation and build our brand in the marketplace every time we ship.

Why UPS? They are one of the ways we stay competitive. UPS is more than just a service provider – they understand our firm and what the legal profession needs. From the friendly UPS driver to the account rep and customer service, the UPS team helps us meet deadlines and improve our operations. They take the time to listen and work with our staff. And they have cutting-edge technology when it comes to serving law firms.

Watch the video, or visit to learn how logistics can help make your practice more productive.



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