Tales from a shipping operation

Our veteran employees are rarely stuck for a good tale to tell. Here are a few true stories that put smiles on the faces of your Compass team. Shipping managers: we’d love to hear yours.

By Jerry Ross, Compass guy on 10/1/2010

Though lesser drivers might succumb, only UPS drivers can be relied on not to eat delicious birthday cakes in their care.

Our veteran employees are rarely stuck for a good tale to tell. Here are a few true stories that put smiles on the faces of your Compass team. Shipping managers: we'd love to hear yours.

Sage advice, held dear
About 25 years ago, a rookie customer service center representative had just completed her training and was about to begin her first day on the job.

She was very nervous, but clung to the best piece of advice she had been given: If you need to ask an experienced coworker for help, politely ask the caller to hold for a moment. Nothing to it.

The moment arrived. Her first real call. Her nerves were jangling. But boy, she remembered the advice.

"United parsley service," she answered. "How may I hold you?"

Take a load off...twice
During peak season, high package volumes mean it's sometimes necessary to rent additional delivery vehicles. Some years ago at a UPS facility during the holidays, one driver's plain-white rented truck, loaded with packages for delivery, failed to start.

A loading team quickly located another of the white rental trucks in the lot with its keys in the ignition, transferred the packages into it as fast as they could and got their driver on the road.

Shortly afterwards, an electrical contractor working at the facility completed an overnight job and, ready to re-load his equipment into his unmarked truck, found it missing. Reporting the loss to security, he confirmed that it was white and yep, he'd left his keys in the ignition…

One contractor's truck urgently recalled, and one load pulled off and reloaded, the day's deliveries finally commenced (and still in time, too).

Birthday surprise
A grandmother arrived at a UPS facility with a box containing a beautiful birthday cake – complete with candles – in an open box with plastic wrap over the top. She asked to ship it to her grandson, two states away. When she was gently advised that we couldn't accept anything that wasn't packaged adequately in a closed carton, she asked: "Can't the driver just put it on the seat next to him?"

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I want to thank my UPS Next Day Air driver for taking that extra step to insure that my customer got what he needed. We ordered a part from our distributor that needed to be shipped Next Day Air, Saturday Delivery but the distributor sent it simply Next Day Air, meaning it was not going to be delivered until Monday. Uh oh, what could I do? The customer needed this part to finish a job up so that he could leave and meet the rest of his family on vacation. The only thing I could do was call my UPS driver to see if he could get the part for me to give to my customer. It was in the UPS hub but wasn't due for delivery until Monday, he called me back in 5 minutes and gave me his supervisor's name and phone nnumber. I called his supervisor and he told me to come on over and pick it up. So I got my part for my customer and made him happy so that he could go on vacation. What can UPS do for you, indeed? Thank you for going that extra step to please your customers!
Funny stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing more like this. Bout time you found your sense of humor...

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