UPS Billing Center

Put your shipping data to work

Put your shipping data to work

Customize your UPS Billing Center data to improve cost forecasting.

You may already know that viewing, managing and paying your UPS invoices is simple using the UPS Billing Center. But what about leveraging it as a tool to help you make promotional pricing decisions?

UPS Billing Center reporting can be customized based on a variety of fields, including account number, inbound/outbound charges and invoice date among others.

Carla Anderson, a senior manager in the UPS Customer Technology Marketing group, says UPS Billing Center “helps streamline the management of UPS invoices because it’s centralized and it’s free.” But the benefits don’t stop there.

UPS Billing Center also has powerful reporting features that allow users to see their full UPS transportation costs, across varying modes. These reports can help small businesses forecast cost-related decisions associated with product pricing and assist in making informed promotional pricing decisions.

For example, Anderson says, reports can help you identify areas where expenses are increasing or even decreasing. Based on the data, a price increase or decrease might be in order to help balance your business costs.

UPS Billing Center reporting can be customized based on a variety of fields including account number, inbound/outbound charges, and invoice date among others for both package and freight shipments.

Additionally, Anderson reiterated how to get the most out of UPS Billing Center as a small business.

  • View invoices. Users can view invoices across business units. Anderson said that invoices arrive earlier than paper and are available for download in PDF and CVS formats.
  • Manage invoices. Anderson said UPS Billing Center users are emailed when new invoices are available, and if there’s any questions, users can automatically request verification of charges.
  • Pay invoices. Streamline payments with batch payments or automatic payments. “It takes just a few minutes to set up automatic payments,” Anderson explains.
  • User management. The tool is flexible to meet the needs of a growing business. For example, if your garage-based shop of one employee grows, your new employees can be assigned roles within UPS Billing Center. Managing multiple roles and responsibilities is built into the interface, providing you the control you need.


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