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'Should I open a UPS shipping account?'


If you ship occasionally or frequently, an account can help you save both money and time on shipping.

If you think a UPS account is only for businesses that do a lot of shipping, think again. Even if you ship 10 packages, or fewer, a week, opening a UPS shipping account makes a lot of sense.

"A good (shipping) carrier is one of the most important things to make you and your business look good to your customers," says Charles Nelson, eBay seller.

As eBay seller Charles Nelson points out, "A good (shipping) carrier is one of the most important things to make you and your business look good to your customers. If you're shipping with the right carrier, you will have repeat customers."

One benefit is savings. Small businesses (or, in some cases, occasional shippers) can sign up for an account on to:

  • Save 18 percent on UPS Air services
  • Save up to 18 percent on UPS international services
  • Save 9 percent on UPS Ground services

When you sign up, you log in to "My UPS," a customizable shipping control center, which provides time-savings. You can:

  • Charge shipments to your account so you don't have to enter credit-card payment information every time you ship
  • Automatically send customers notifications with the tracking number when their packages ship
  • Access your ship-to addresses and select them so you don't need to enter that data repeatedly
  • See the shipping status of all your shipments at a glance
  • See the history for up to 50 tracking numbers

Other benefits of a UPS shipping account:

  • Track packages from your mobile device
  • Request a scheduled a pickup at a specified location from your mobile phone or through your online account
  • Easily order free packaging materials and package shipping supplies
  • UPS's shipping expertise – 400,000 thinkers and tinkerers who know logistics

"I depend on UPS for all my shipping," Nelson says. "Their friendly customer service people can help you with most any problem you may have."

Open your UPS account online.


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