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Mailbox helps pizza maker legitimize and grow his business


Food truck business benefits from mailbox services from The UPS Store.

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, having a secure mailbox with a legitimate, real street address can be crucial to their business. Often, the owners work out of their homes and want to keep their business mail separate from personal. For others, the nature of their business brings many valuable packages to their doorstep and they need a secure place to receive and store them before pickup. Other small business owners find themselves with a P.O. Box or some other type of address that makes their business seem less credible, or they live in a rural area with a regular mail delivery schedule that doesn't work for them.

"I really care about the quality of the food. I mop the truck, clean the windows, make the dough, make the pizzas, and I believe my time is more valuable than money."
– Mario Maruca

In these situations and more, The UPS Store® private mailboxes can provide the following key benefits:

  • A real street address (not a P.O. Box number) 
  • Call-in MailCheck®
  • 24-hour access to your private mailbox 
  • Package and mail receipt notification 
  • Package acceptance from all shipping carriers 
  • Mail holding/forwarding

Perfect ingredient for pizza food truck business

Entrepreneur Mario Maruca realized all of these benefits with his business, Caliano Pizza. Caliano is a custom-built food truck based in San Diego that uses fresh ingredients baked in a wood-burning oven to create a fusion of southern Italian and Mexican cuisines.

"I really care about the quality of the food," Maruca explains. "I mop the truck, clean the windows, make the dough, make the pizzas, and I believe my time is more valuable than money."

Operating a food truck, which by nature has no permanent location, also means he has had to face added challenges involving his mail. He recalls how one of his customers sent him a check but because of Maruca's mobile business, that correspondence wound up lost in the mail. Maruca didn't get the deposit and lost a lucrative job. That's when he turned to The UPS Store.

Gaining a legitimate and permanent street address with a mailbox at a nearby The UPS Store location has given Maruca a safe and convenient place to receive and consolidate his business mail. It also gives his customers a sense of security and confidence that when they send a check, Maruca will receive it.

Watch more about Maruca's experience with The UPS Store mailbox services.


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