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Is the UPS call center open on Sundays?


Yes, you can call 1-800-PICK-UPS on Sundays.

Can I ship a suitcase or does it have to be in a box?


You can, but it’s not recommended. For best results, your local The UPS Store® will package your luggage in a box. You can find your nearest location at Deselect the other dropoff options, such as UPS Drop Boxes or UPS Customer Centers.

Can a receiver pay more to have a package delivered on Saturday?


No. Since the shipper is billed by UPS for the shipment, only the shipper can determine whether your package is delivered on Saturday. (Shippers pay extra for this.) A UPS 2nd Day Air® package shipped on Thursday will be delivered on Monday, unless the shipper prepares and labels that package for Saturday Delivery.

Does UPS provide service on Saturday and Sunday?


On weekends, UPS works Saturdays but not Sundays. UPS delivers UPS Worldwide Express®, UPS Next Day Air® Early, UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air® packages on Saturdays. Packages must be processed and labeled for Saturday Delivery. The shipper pays extra for Saturday Delivery. Note: If the shipper sends a UPS 2nd Day Air package on Thursday, it will be delivered on Monday – unless Saturday Delivery is specified. Pickup service is available for air and international packages on Saturday via a regular Saturday pickup, UPS On-Call Pickup® service or at retail outlets such as The UPS Store®. Please note that UPS Drop Boxes are not picked up on weekends. (For extremely urgent shipments, UPS Express Critical® service is available 365 days a year.)

Can I put a ground package in a UPS Drop Box?


Yes. We accept all service levels in the box, but there are package size limits. Your box can’t exceed 16 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches. If your box is larger than that, you can drop it off at a retail location such as The UPS Store® or at a UPS Customer Center. To find a location, visit

How do I find a UPS Drop Box and the pickup time?


The easiest way is to go to After you enter your location, you’ll be offered all the drop-off options. If you want just drop boxes, deselect the other options (such as The UPS Store® or UPS Customer Center). Then, you will be shown only the UPS Drop Boxes nearest you on a map. If you click on the number next to the box location (a “1,” for example), the end-of-day pickup time will be listed, Monday through Friday. You will also see the distance from your location to the UPS Drop Box, along with driving directions. Note: There is no pickup service from drop boxes over the weekend.