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Automated shipping software takes flight, maximizing efficiency with a single solution.

If you're already using UPS WorldShip® to create and manage your UPS shipments, you may not realize that you can now use WorldShip for an additional shipment type: air freight.

Air freight is available in a choice of services that can get shipments heavier than 150 pounds to most major cities around the globe at your choice of speeds, depending on urgency. From next-day guaranteed to between three and five days, depending on destination, our air freight services also offer the option to arrange for your own pickup at the airport or to schedule a UPS delivery.

Getting up and running with UPS Air Freight in WorldShip is as simple as clicking on the appropriate tab. You can use your existing address book for air freight shipments, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. And if you frequently ship the same types of items to one consignee, you can set up a template that will pre-populate most of the information required for a new shipment.

Customer gives integration high marks
Rose Harroald, a shipping manager at Triumph Structures - Wichita, an industrial manufacturer of parts for the aviation and aerospace industries, used air freight before it was available in WorldShip. But picking up the phone to arrange her air freight shipments could be time consuming, so she's pleased she can now use a single system to handle all her company's shipping needs, from the lightest package to heavy air freight.

"Depending on the load of parts we need to ship, we now save at least a good 30 minutes a day," she says. "I can get a shipment quoted and get a pro number on it, so it's all taken care of without having to call it in. That's where we really save a lot of time."

Her shipping department uses air freight to get aircraft parts to their destinations the next day, shipped in 110-pound crates and 640-pound multiple crates. "We have a variety of weights and sizes, and UPS is able to take them all," she says. "And the UPS Air Freight pricing is very competitive – which I know because I've done my homework.

"I can have anybody get my freight where it needs to go," she says, "but the integrated technology, the reliability of the shipping and the excellent customer service and support I receive put UPS at the top."

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