An easier way to import using your shipping account


With UPS Import Control, you can reduce the chance of errors by your exporter, streamline the process and take advantage of more options for inbound shipments.

UPS Import ControlSM puts you in control of your import package shipments and commercial invoice information through UPS CampusShip® or when shipping on

If you've used a shipper in another country to make decisions on your behalf then you know you're leaving much to chance and opening yourself up to the possibility of shipping errors such as:

  • Address or commercial invoice errors that cause a delay in customs.
  • Use of your account number for other customers.
  • Selection of the wrong service, causing various problems.
  • Inappropriate use of your account number to send you unsolicited goods.

"We've identified challenges in the inbound shipment process that UPS Import Control is designed to overcome," says Bob Klingenberg of UPS Corporate Marketing. "Every aspect of the import shipment is controlled by the importer, including shipment characteristics, content of the commercial invoice, billing and inbound visibility." 

Take control of the import process
Bottom line, UPS Import Control enables you to take import matters into your own hands, by arranging delivery to yourself or another party. You can also specify transit times and generate shipping labels, commercial invoices and documentation to forward to your exporters.

UPS Import Control works with UPS TradeAbility® to ensure compliance with duties, taxes and regulations, avoid customs delays and manage costs, while Quantum View®  Manage allows you to monitor your shipment's progress online. And finally, Import Control's Commercial Invoice Removal function is ideal for importers who'd like to ship goods directly to a third party or who don't want to share the cost of goods information.

Import Control does not require a special account or contract. Service through UPS WorldShip® will be available from January 2011.

Find out how to use UPS Import Control through your account with this Step by Step Guide.


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