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If you only do ONE thing this month: Use notifications


The UPS guide to improving your shipping operation, one step at a time. This month, learn how to set up alerts that communicate information to your customers.

Increased customer satisfaction is key to your company's success. You need to do everything possible to keep your customers informed. One simple but powerful way to do that is to provide them with timely notifications about their shipments.

With Quantum View Notify®, UPS automatically e-mails your customers, providing them with information about their shipments, including: 

  • When a shipping request is received by UPS
  • Where there is a potential delay (called an "exception"), for example, a delay caused by inclement weather
  • When the shipment has been delivered

What notifications can do for you
E-mails increase customer satisfaction by reducing customer uncertainty, and also can reduce the number of "where is my order (WISMO)" calls you receive. Because Quantum View Notify e-mail notifications can be sent to up to five addresses per package, you could even send e-mail notifications to your customer service staff so that they are ready for any incoming calls. They can also proactively reach out to your customers about exceptions.

Setting up notifications  

When processing a shipment using UPS WorldShip®:

  1. Enter the Ship To information and select Options.
  2. Select Quantum View Notify, then choose Recipients.
  3. Enter up to five e-mail addresses, then select one or more notification types: ShipException and Delivery.
  4. You can also type a personalized message in the Memo field that will be included in all of the e-mail notifications.
  5. To set up fixed notifications preferences for all of your shipments, select the Profile Editor under the UPS WorldShip Tools menu and choose the Options tab. Next, select Quantum View Notify and then choose Recipients. Select which notification(s) to send (you may choose any or all of ShipException and Delivery) for future shipments. WorldShip will then automatically enter the Ship To recipient's e-mail in your address book unless specified otherwise. WorldShip, therefore, lets you create customer-specific profiles to meet each customer's notification needs. 

When shipping on or with UPS CampusShip®

  1. Select Send E-mail Notifications under Add Shipping Services in Step 4 (meaning, the fourth screen of the process) of the Create a Shipment process, then choose Next.
  2. Enter up to five e-mail addresses, and then select one or more notification types: ShipException and Delivery
  3. Enter, if you wish, a personalized message in the Personal E-mail Message field. The message will be included in e-mail notifications.
  4. To set up notification preferences for all your shipments, select the Preferences link on the menu to the left of the page. Under Quantum View Notify, enter up to five e-mail addresses. For each address, select which notification(s) to send (you may choose any or all of ShipException and Delivery) for future shipments. Last, select Update to complete the set notification preferences process. 

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    Compass Guy
    CP, I don't think there is an API for Quantum View Notify. You can get text messages/notifications, but it is a manual process. You have to enter your 1Z tracking number in the tracking function and request texts for that particular package going forward. But it looks to be a package by package request; the default method is always e-mail.
    Is there a UPS API which will send SMS/text message alerts with Quantum View Notify?
    Thanks for sharing this superb article. I used this article for a college assignment so very useful for me. Great work.
    Compass Guy
    BG, not sure I'm understanding correctly, but the Quantum View Notify feature requires you to type in the recipient's e-mail address, and then choose the type of notification. So, if you have no e-mail for them, then you can't use the feature. If I'm way off on what you're trying to do, let us know and we can see if a CampusShip, WorldShip or expert can help you. Or you can call the help desks with specific questions.
    Seems this requires an email address be present in the mapped data when using keyed import. Without one, the shipping clerk has to dismiss a warning dialog and then turn off the notification manually. Is this something that can be silenced when there is no customer email present?
    We handle dozens of calls a day on this very same thing. What a wonderful tool to use to help keep our customers informed of their orders!
    What a great idea! This not only eliminates the calls and questions of "where is my shipment", but it keeps everyone in sync of what is going on, with a simple notification.

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