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UPS Access Point network expands to 100 U.S. cities

The UPS Access Point network, which has expanded to 100 cities across the United States, is a local solution for consumers and small businesses who need easy access to UPS. UPS Access Point locations are convenient places – such as The UPS Store® locations, grocery stores or other local businesses – that offer UPS package pickup and drop-off services, including returns.

By the end of 2015, UPS expects to have more than 8,000 UPS Access Point locations in the United States and 22,000 globally.

For some consumers living in densely populated areas, receiving packages at home can be a hassle. Whether it's an apartment, residential duplex, condo or townhome, there's sometimes no place to safely leave a package that's out of sight and protected from the weather.

By the end of 2015, UPS expects to have more than 8,000 UPS Access Point locations in the United States and 22,000 globally. In select cities, if a consumer isn't home at the time of delivery, UPS may redirect an eligible package to a nearby UPS Access Point location. Many of these locations offer evening and weekend hours, so consumers can pick up and drop off packages when it's most convenient for them.

Successful test

UPS began testing this service in the United States in July 2014 with overwhelmingly positive reaction. In fact, in a UPS survey, 60 percent of consumers said having a nearby UPS Access Point location would allow them to order more online. Here are some additional findings:

  • 92% said UPS Access Point delivery was better than, or the same as, the previous process of three attempts to the home
  • 97% said the location was convenient to their home
  • 99% said the location was safe and easy to find
  • 98% had a good experience when picking up their package

A powerful combination

In addition, UPS My Choice® members can proactively choose to reroute their inbound shipments directly to a UPS Access Point location, free of charge.

The combination of the UPS Access Point network and UPS My Choice service dramatically improves the buying experience for customers. UPS encourages retailers to speak with their UPS Account Managers about how easily UPS Access Point options can be integrated directly into their existing online checkout process, and about how retailers can help encourage their customers to use UPS My Choice service for complete control of where and when UPS shipments are delivered.


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