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How do I check for weather delays in my area?


If UPS is experiencing delays due to weather, they will be listed on the home page.

My business needs more flexibility with our pickups. What are my options?


One popular choice is UPS Smart Pickup®, alerting your UPS driver once you have processed a shipment on a UPS shipping system. Other options include a Daily Pickup, Day Specific Pickup – for the same day every week – and UPS On-Call Pickup®. Learn more.

What will it cost to ship this package?


You can calculate time and cost for any package to any destination using the time and cost calculator. Or, take your package into the nearest The UPS Store for help with this or with packaging.

I have my tracking number. Can you tell me when will my package be delivered?


You can easily check the status of your package 24/7/365. Just go here. This is the simplest and best way to see the status of your package and the estimated delivery time. For more control over your home deliveries, consider signing up for UPS My Choice.

Can I get drop box locations for a neighboring state? Some of our mobile employees have a hard time finding the drop boxes in unfamiliar areas.


You can find all UPS locations – from drop boxes to The UPS Store® locations to UPS Centers – at Wherever you are, we're close to you.

Do packages sent by UPS air travel in freezing conditions, or do they travel in a climate-controlled cabin?


Great question! Many shippers have questions about the temperatures, relative humidity and pressure ranges experienced in the small-package shipping environment, and UPS has a factsheet to answer them. It's available on request from the UPS Expert. Fill out the form on the Ask the Expert landing page.