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8 ways to save time and money


Here are some of the ways our customers are using UPS solutions to their advantage.

1. Use UPS's electronic export documents. Missouri-based Joyce Meyer Ministries provides worldwide humanitarian relief, including meals and medical care in 35 countries. "As a nonprofit, we are very mindful of how we use our resources," says Rick Lamborn, the ministries' distribution manager. Joyce Meyer Ministries sends between 1,400 and 1,500 parcels per month via UPS, and uses UPS Paperless® Invoice for international shipments. Lamborn reports saving 20 percent per year in costs and 10 to 12 work hours per month using UPS.   

An improved warehouse layout cut Brushy Mountain Bee Farm's order backlog from three weeks to less than one week.

2. Drop-ship using your account number. Big Hug Remembrance Gifts LLC in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., sells personalized memorial garden benches, markers, stones and other gifts meant to honor a person (or a pet) who has passed away – or to mark a milestone or commemorate an event. Owner Katie Kiyo uses third-party drop-shippers whenever possible for faster delivery. "Always ship with your own account number to receive applicable discounts and tracking benefits," she says.

3. Reduce transit time. When Florida-based Sun Harvest Citrus wanted to expand its direct-to-consumer business to Canada, getting perishable gift baskets delivered in pristine condition was vital. UPS helped Sun Harvest save a full day of transit time. Now only the company's customers are spoiled.

4. Link order entry with shipping. Companies are finding creative ways to use metal buttons, key chains and other branded merchandise in marketing campaigns. One example: imprinting unique prize codes on these items to drive customers online to see if they've won. Tecre Co. Inc., in Fond du Lac, Wis., provides the button-assembly machines, die-cutting presses and component parts to companies that make, sell or use the items. A longtime UPS customer, Tecre worked with UPS to integrate WorldShip® with its accounting system. Brian Bailey, sales and marketing manager at Tecre, says the move saves the company at least 20 percent of the time it used to take to process orders.

5. Increase warehouse efficiency. Rapid growth led to delays in fulfillment at North Carolina's Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. A UPS warehouse design helped revamp the process: An improved layout cut the company's order backlog from three weeks to less than one week. Daily revenue increased by 70 percent.

6. Simplify exporting. Illinois-based Monitor Technologies LLC makes systems that monitor powder and bulk solid material levels in silos and bins. The company worked with UPS to radically change its approach to worldwide shipping, says Heather Russell, Monitor Tech's office manager and training specialist, and implemented UPS Paperless Invoice to send customs documentation electronically ahead of packages and Quantum View® for tracking. And because UPS can easily price shipments worldwide, Monitor Tech pitches more international business.

7. Expand online business with shipping options. When San Rafael, Calif.-based goFASTandLIGHT added UPS Ground as an economical shipping option, the company saw a 25 percent increase in online sales of its ultralight backpacking gear for hikers, campers and survivalists. Customers who typically ordered one or two items began ordering 20 to 30 items since shipping costs were lower – so average dollars per sale went up as well, reports owner Patrick Dotterweich.

8. Just-in-time inventory. Finance execs are fond of saying, "A lot of things can happen when you have to keep an inventory, and none of them are good." That's part of the reason most manufacturers use just-in-time inventory and carefully timed (often next-day) deliveries. That's how UPS helps Leo Coar Associates, a New Jersey supplier of industrial fasteners, meet its customers' need for top-notch JIT inventory control. Just one example, according to owner Dave Schuster: "In my 27 years in business, never once has UPS delivered a package to the wrong party or lost a shipment."


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Good tips!
I don't agree entirely with #8. I worked the service parts desk for 23 years and when a customer has a machine down. They do not look kindly on not having inventory. And 27 years without a lost or wrong delivery. I'm not sure I quite believe it. I've been dealing with UPS for almost 30 years as well and I have had my share of those. Still choose UPS over the competition any day. They do a much better job
valuable information that I too can apply, tx
Good information for small businesses, thanks for these ideas...

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