6 ways UPS Drop Boxes make shipping easier


See how these boxes can help you.

From easy access, to supplies, to late pickups, UPS Drop Boxes offer everything you need to make your shipping simple, saving you time when you're on the go. All UPS Drop Boxes are being refurbished and refreshed with brighter graphics. Here are six benefits of using a UPS Drop Box:

An estimated 91 percent of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a UPS Drop Box. 
  • Convenience. With 40,000 locations nationwide, UPS Drop Boxes are located in office complexes, major retail areas and other commercial centers. An estimated 91 percent of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a UPS Drop Box.
  • 24/7 Access. UPS Drop Boxes are typically accessible any time. Each box has a pickup indicator so you will always know if the driver has made a final pickup for the day.
  • All service levels. UPS accepts all service levels at all of its Drop Boxes, including UPS Ground and international packages. Package size can't exceed 16 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches.
  • Easy returns. Even if you have a scheduled UPS pickup, the UPS Drop Box can be an asset to your clients or customers for documents or packages being returned to you.
  • Shipping supplies. UPS drivers ensure the boxes are stocked with all the UPS supplies needed to label and ship packages.
  • Late-evening pickups. Many UPS Drop Boxes have pickup times after normal business hours. Visit for specific pickup times for the boxes nearest you. You can also get directions to each location.


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Sally Thomas
@Warren are lucky. I have to drive 100 mile round trip to get to a UPS center. Otherwise I have to pay for pick-up, which makes selling on eBay and using UPS very costly. With the pick-up fee including "fuel fees" it's irritating, especially knowing that UPS is in my area anyway for deliveries. Local pharmacy used to be a drop-off, but now they are "remodeling and have no room for packages awaiting shipment".
Compass Guy
Mike, ASOs do have a lot to offer. If you're looking for locations at, you can "deselect" all the other options such as drop boxes, Customer Centers, etc. If the only check is next to the Authorized Shipping Outlets, those are the locations that will be served up to you.
I wish you would list ASO's ahead of Drop boxes on your locator. They have much more to offer than the drop boxes do.
Compass Guy
Warren, I will pass your request on and ask them to contact you.
Compass Guy
Sharon, I will pass your observation onto the district office. I am pretty sure the drop boxes won't change in size, but maybe they would consider adding one nearby so you don't have to drive so far out of your way.
Sharon VanAtta
I live in Salem County, NJ and utilize UPS drop boxes on almost a daily basis. The problem is that people in our community feel that they need to place oversized boxes in the drop box as a result, I cannot fit my envelope into the box. Is there any way to make the box bigger? When stupid people shove their box into the drop box, I have to drive 20 miles out of my way to ship my package.
Warren Davis
I have been wondering: Why can't we get a drop box in 70739 area? I have to drive 12 miles to the closest drop box. There are two drop boxes less than a mile of each other in Baton Rouge.

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