3 ways to get a higher payoff from WorldShip 2015


Want to get home to your family sooner? Put these powerful features to work.

“A stitch in time saves nine” as the saying goes. And investing a little time now to set up advanced features in WorldShip® can turn into major time and money savings in the year ahead.  

With the Hands-Off Shipping feature, WorldShip automatically polls a selected database at specified time intervals for new shipments, and imports and processes those shipments automatically.

UPS’s Joe Monteleone, senior manager of customer technology marketing, shares three ways power-users can get more out of WorldShip:

1. Save time with drag-and-drop integration features. “You can integrate WorldShip with your order entry system to automatically pull in ship-to information and eliminate duplicate key entry or the potential for errors,” Monteleone says. 

A “wizard” in WorldShip walks you through a five-step integration process:

  • From the Import/Export Wizard main menu, choose whether you need help with importing or exporting.
  • Select the data type you would like to import, such as addresses, small-package shipments, freight, custom packages or chargeback data.
  • Tell the system where to find your data file and give it a name. 
  • Browse to and select your data file.
  • In a split screen view, drag and drop each field name from the source file on the left to the applicable WorldShip field on the right. WorldShip stores the mapping.

“Some customers import most of their data, so all you need to do is weigh the package to process a label; others have everything preset, including the weight, so they can just send an XML doc to WorldShip and print out the label, hands-free,” Monteleone says. 

Using Hands-Off Shipping, WorldShip automatically polls a selected database at specified time intervals for new shipments, and imports and processes those shipments automatically. “That’s particularly valuable for online sellers who have a dynamic database that changes all the time,” Monteleone says. 

The same wizard approach applies to exporting data. The wizard lets you pick and choose the data you want to export and where you want it to go, either to a file or database. “You can export the tracking number or shipping charges back to accounting or customer service, for example, for faster and more accurate invoicing.”  

Downloadable files at explain each of these features step-by-step. 

2. Use profiles to streamline your shipping process even more. “Even companies that don’t take advantage of full integration can still benefit from setting up profiles for all UPS Ground or UPS Air shipments,” Monteleone says. 

Profiles use default values to reduce what you have to key in. “You can set up WorldShip to default to UPS Ground or UPS 2nd Day Air® for specific customers in your address book,” Monteleone says. “If you have to switch from small package to freight, it will automatically choose the default freight service you want to use, including the product description.” 

You can set up different profiles for returns or for international shipments, which can include all the commodity information prepopulated to save time on customs paperwork. 

Learn more about using profiles here.

3. Use the Package Type Editor to create custom package types. With the shipping industry switching to dimensional weight charges, it’s important to get specific package dimensions from the start. That way you can invoice your customer correctly and avoid charging for after-the-fact dimensional weight shipping corrections. 

“One way to simplify this is to create Custom Package Types in WorldShip,” Monteleone says. “You could set up Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3, for example, with preset dimensions. Since most companies have three or four standard box sizes they use, it’s a lot easier to choose one on the screen or assign it to a profile. That will save time and ensure that the shipping rates that they charge customers are accurate.”

Download step-by-step instructions on using the Package Type Editor. 

Don’t have WorldShip 2015? Download it here.


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