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3 ways professional services firms can improve shipping operations


Enhance your brand, ship at the speed you need and allocate costs efficiently.

Whether you're looking to increase your brand's exposure, meet your clients' time-sensitive deadlines or better track shipping costs, UPS can help. Professional services firms are setting themselves apart while reining in costs. Here's how:

Discover how professional services firms are setting themselves apart while reining in costs.


1. Customized envelopes. Your overnight deliveries show your customers that their business is important to you. Build your brand's solid reputation further with customized UPS Express® envelopes. Express envelopes with your company's images and logo on the front reinforce your brand on every desk they cross.

With UPS and customized Express envelopes your business can:

  • Increase brand visibility.
  • Improve sustainability with environmentally friendly reusable envelopes your clients can use to return documents to you.
  • Ensure your deliveries arrive on schedule.
  • Intercept a package before it's delivered if you need to return, hold or redirect the shipment.

Contact your UPS account manager to learn how to get started with customized Express envelopes. Once your envelopes are set up, you can reorder online.

2. Air services. UPS's wide-reaching air services can get your time-sensitive documents and packages to your customers early in the day. Air services include a range of offerings in the United States and abroad, with recently expanded locations for early morning, next-day delivery. UPS ships overnight to more than 18,500 ZIP Codes by 10:30 a.m. Internationally, UPS air services reach 220 countries and territories in one to three days.

And with almost 40,000 UPS Drop Boxes nationwide accepting envelopes and packages for every type of UPS service, it's easy to get your shipments out the door and on their way.

3. Cost allocation through UPS CampusShip®. When your business ships a package, who pays for it? When you need to allocate shipping costs across internal departments and external customers, UPS CampusShip can help. You can ensure cost allocation by requiring preset reference numbers before processing each shipment. CampusShip also allows you to easily track costs.

Other benefits: Secure and web-based, this shipping system allows staff in different departments or locations to process shipments. You can customize profiles for your employees and set access privileges to contain costs. For instance, only allow overnight shipping under certain circumstances.

Have employees worldwide? UPS CampusShip is available in more than 95 countries and territories and in more than 30 languages. Learn more about UPS CampusShip.


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