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See how five companies improved their efficiency and cut costs by relying on UPS.

Monetary savings, insight into knowing where products are and having one partner to turn to are three good reasons to ship predominantly with just one carrier. Here's how this approach improved the bottom lines of five UPS customers – and have helped the companies succeed.

Increase efficiency and save money by using one single shipping carrier. Don't believe us? Read how these customers did it.

Fast delivery

As with many small businesses, Best Bully Sticks' customers want their packages right away but don't want to pay much for shipping. From Richmond, Va., Best Bully Sticks can use UPS Ground delivery to reach distant places, for example, in Kansas, Minnesota and Louisiana within three days. But for customers out West, UPS 3 Day Select®  service offers guaranteed three-business-day delivery.

"We tried other carriers, but UPS is able to offer everything my business needs, and I don't have to have multiple arrangements and agreements with multiple shippers," says CEO and owner Avrum Elmakis. 

Slash overseas shipping expenses

Along with reduced international shipping costs, UPS helped Plasticard Locktech International of Asheville, N.C., reduce its customs brokerage expenses. According to CEO Peter Krauss, "Anytime they (UPS) help prevent a missed shipment or additional fees for not shipping with the proper documentation, it can be hundreds or thousands of dollars saved." 

Increasing efficiency

The way you lay out your shipping room is key to getting the right product to the right customer at the right time. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm in Moravia Falls, N.C., achieved a 64 percent increase in efficiency when UPS revamped the company's shipping area.

"Customers often have 20 percent more capacity than initially perceived, and strategic layout makes that space usable," says Scott MacDonald, director of UPS Customer Solutions.

Consolidate inbound materials, saving time

At high-tech firm mophie, UPS devised a way to marshal products from multiple manufacturers in China and then ship them by pallet to the United States, taking just one day using UPS Worldwide Express Freight® shipping. UPS consolidated 10,000 individual packages – which took hours to process manually – into 10 precisely packed pallets that a forklift could move in 20 minutes.

Reduce carbon emissions

If you're concerned about your carbon footprint, UPS can help. Milwaukee-based Cream City Ribbon teamed with UPS to create a nearly paperless operation, cutting costs by $35,000 and saving 400 man-hours annually by integrating UPS solutions with its own technology.

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