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WorldShip can help even the smallest company ship smarter

Using to process shipments? WorldShip may work better. Here's how to tell.

Time is ticking away, but with WorldShip, your productivity can increase, helping you get more done every minute you spend on shipping tasks.

How do you know if you've grown out of shipping from® into WorldShip®? "If shipping is a significant part of your day and you've got a daily pickup, then you would want to use WorldShip," says Jessica Grimes, a UPS marketing manager. "WorldShip allows a higher degree of automation than"

WorldShip is generally recommended for anyone shipping more than 25 packages per week, but even shippers with less volume can benefit.

Just ask Rob Parker, owner and sole employee of Pragmatic Products in Panama City, Fla. He invented the Bucket Ape, a system that eliminates lugging heavy buckets of water back and forth when grouting tile. He started selling the product in 2010. At first, he shipped from But after a few months, he signed up for WorldShip even though he only ships about 10 to 15 packages a week.

The installation and setup took less than 15 minutes, Parker remembers. "It was very straightforward and intuitive," he says. "Once I downloaded and installed it, everything was very smooth," Parker says.

Major time-savings
WorldShip offers several benefits, including integration with existing business software. For instance, WorldShip can pull in order information from database software to print a shipping label. That saves you from having to rekey addresses and reduces the potential for error. Its interface lets you toggle between different tabs to quickly see service options, shipment history, customs data and other information. Plus, WorldShip can provide shipping manifests and reports on what you've shipped.

It also allows customers like Parker to save shipping preferences, so he doesn't have to reenter package weight and dimensions each time he ships. "We put bundles together physically, then weigh them and just store that configuration within the software for future orders," Parker says. That makes filling customer orders much faster. It probably saves 60 to 70 percent of the time and costs, compared to what [our company was] doing before."

Another big time-saver: With a UPS Smart Pickup®, which links to his shipping system and alerts the UPS driver that an order is ready, Parker no longer drives to his local UPS facility. "I've submitted orders and within an hour, the driver was at my front door," he says. "From a customer perspective, that is a huge benefit, because it is an almost immediate processing of orders." UPS Smart Pickup also saves Parker money on gas and frees up his time for other tasks.

Parker is considering exporting, and he expects that WorldShip will be a big help if he does. "Of all the things I've done for my business," he says, "that one single thing [upgrading from to WorldShip] was the most productive step I've taken."

Still not sure WorldShip is for you? Take a look at our Value-Added Service Pricing for Daily Rates. If you're at the point where a Daily Pickup or Daily On-Route Pickup account would make economic sense for you, chances are you should be using WorldShip.

Learn more about WorldShip or use this chart to compare WorldShip's capabilities with online shipping.


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