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And the winning UPS drivers are…

Reader responses highlight unique value of UPS drivers.

Drivers Kari Still, Tom Gantert (upper right) and Victor Anaya are among hundreds of UPS drivers recognized for going above and beyond.

What’s special about UPS drivers? Well, quite a bit, judging by the responses from Compass readers. “Valuable to my business… Energetic… Helpful… Goes the extra mile… Always has a smile and kind words.” These were among common descriptions from more than 1,300 readers who wrote in.

So a big thanks to all of you for making it happen. Given how glowing and personal these tributes were, our judging panel was left with a lot of tough decisions to make. So, without further ado – (drumroll) – here are the three winners, although nearly every entry was worthy of recognition.

Victor Anaya: Chicago, Ill., with UPS since 1998 
"Victor is a role model for the participants in our workforce-development, nonprofit social enterprise for teen mothers, exemplified by this story: Victor arrived at Bright Endeavors on a hot, humid Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. to see a shipment of 12 huge boxes waiting for him – over 900 pounds of product shipping to our customers. Instead of grumbling about the heat, weight or number of boxes, Victor exclaimed, 'I am so happy to see all of these boxes! It means your business and program are doing well, so keep up the good work!' We use Victor’s words and attitude in our training program as an excellent example of staying positive, enthusiastic and providing genuine customer service in the workplace.”
– Dana Emanuel, Bright Endeavors

Victor’s philosophy: “I’m honored that my customers appreciate what I do. They pay the bills, so I try to treat each customer like they are the only one.”

Tom Gantert: Scottsdale, Ariz., with UPS since 1994
"For more than 50 years, Barry’s Capezio has relied on prompt delivery of products, and therefore has made friends with a lot of UPS drivers. However, Tom went above and beyond when he found out the power company was going to change a transformer, which would have shut us down for the day. Tom offered his personal generator in order to run our computers and phones so that we could stay open. In these trying economic times, this was a true act of kindness. Tom and UPS are the hinges on which our business hangs."
– Barry N. Kaufax, Barry’s Capezio

Tom’s philosophy: “Because of the relationships you have with your customers you never want to let them down. I believe you should treat others as you want to be treated. Most of my customers are smaller, family-owned businesses. I understand their constraints and want to help them grow their business. This means working hard and being flexible enough to help them meet their timeframes for their customers.”

Kari Still: Santa Rosa, Calif., with UPS since 1990
"We have a customer that requires we ship multiple packages to various points around the United States and Puerto Rico at a moment’s notice. One day with less than a day's notice, Kari was able to rearrange her schedule, call in assistance and even arrange for a special truck to drive our 600 overnight packages directly to the airport. We have tortured her with these shipments for five years and she has never let us down. If we ever have to move, we would like to pack her up and take her with us."
– Kelly Temple, Point to Point

Kari’s philosophy: “It can only take one missed, late or damaged package to lose a potential customer. I do my very best to ensure that if a customer needs a later pickup or even an additional pickup, every effort to do so will be made. Our customers allow us to be successful parents, spouses and participants in our communities. Without them we do not have a product or a future as a company.”

Each of these drivers will take home a Flip UltraHDTM 8 GB video camera, while those customers who nominated them receive a UPS Roadside Safety Kit and $100 gas gift card. 


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Jason L Perrin March 14, 2016
This comment is about a UPS driver in Kettering Ohio. While driving home this driver was on my right side and held out a card that said "tail lights" I immediately went to the nearest auto parts store and they confirmed that both of my lower break bulbs were blown. This may seem like a small thing, but this driver made me safer and the folks I share the road with safer by bringing this to my attention so I could get it fixed. Thank you UPS driver.
James Coppinger September 18, 2014
Driver delivering to 914 Honeysuckle Trail in Midlothian, Texas, exemplifies professionalism, customer appreciation and kindness. His demeanor is consistent rain, shine, sleet or snow. His smile makes me look forward to my next UPS delivery. Kudos to my UPS driver.
Susan Schneider May 15, 2014
My UPS guy is Doug. We live in Durham, NC, and today I was coming home in a torrential thunderstorm, rain flooding the roads and even tornados. I met Doug at the drive with an umbrella since I was at the bottom of our 400 yard drive. Doug held the umbrella over me and my packages until I was safely back in my car. Poor Doug was soaking wet, but he made sure I was not or my packages. AND, to top it off my husband was pulling in and witnessed Doug's chivalry. Doug is the BEST UPS man we have ever had! YOU ARE SO LUCKY to have Doug working for you!