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UPS's 2015 year-end holiday service center

Organize an efficient and stress-free, peak-season shipping operation.


Between non-working days, heavy influxes of shipments and other challenges, it's no secret that the holidays can be hectic for businesses. But with the proper planning, there's no reason a seasonal spike should hinder your productivity. Choose from any one of our holiday resources and start prepping for a seamless, profitable year-end season.

Print your year-end holiday schedule so you’re prepared throughout the peak shipping and shopping season.

Year-end holiday schedules

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Compass Guy December 15, 2014
Clueless, we don't have the hours of operation for every UPS facility on the Compass site, but you should be able to find what you need at If you will enter your ZIP Code and select only "UPS Customer Centers," the one you are trying to find should be on that short list. Hours of operation are provided.
Clueless December 13, 2014
Still have no idea what the hours of operation are at the South Portland, ME facility. Thanks for wasting my time.
Debbie Taylor December 4, 2014
Dear UPS: Thank you for sending an UPDATED Holiday Calendar, as I received one earlier that covered the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am sorry that so many people look for things to complain about. Geesh!
Jenn December 4, 2014
Grow up sad that you have to post a complaint on something so minor... you had to click a button that took you right to the page (I know, so difficult!!)...poor thing...take your ball and go home...
MR. V December 4, 2014
Agree with Rob
Rob December 4, 2014
It still would have been much simpler to just include the schedule in the email in addition to having it on the site. The way you have done it makes no sense from a customer perspective, You can listen to your customers or not, your perogative.
Reggie October 14, 2014
Received the email for the outlook calendar! Awesome :)
john September 23, 2014
Received the same thing. ..what was so difficult? Just two clicks... people complain about the simplest things.
Compass Guy September 11, 2014
Reggie, the Outlook and Google calendar versions are in development and will definitely be available by next month. So, please check back on the site in early October!
Reggie September 11, 2014
What I miss is the version where the UPS Holiday schedule could be incorporated into my outlook calendar. That way all the planning and scheduling I do within my outlook could correspond to the shipping schedule.
Compass Guy July 23, 2014
Kevin and Jen, we really aren't trying to make this difficult. We post the schedule on the website because it is used by a wide variety of people. There are Tweets sent that link to the schedule, just as our e-mail linked to the schedule. There will be banner ads on different sites linking there. We figure an e-mail doesn't have a long shelf life, so it should live on the website.
Jen July 23, 2014
Kevin, I have to agree with you in regards to receiving an email with a link to another link with a PDF. Does UPS have to make everything so complicated?? The irony is that this is a logistics company; you would think sending a simple holiday schedule would be just that...simple!
Kevin July 18, 2014
So, you sent me an email which contained a link to your website which had another link to open a .pdf which gave me your holiday schedule. Did nobody consider that just including the schedule in the email would be MUCH easier for everyone?
Mike July 18, 2014
I know... what a way to start the Holiday season... let's all just go home on Black Friday... the busiest shopping (and COULD be SHIPPING) day of the year.
Thomas July 16, 2014
The day after Thanksgiving ? Thanks a lot. Nothing like seeing half the center sent home and routes cut out to add to the holiday spirit. #scruge