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Make shipping on a Mac platform easy

Software gives Apple-based businesses all the power of WorldShip. Try it for free today.

Get all the time-saving advantages of WorldShip on your Mac.

Do you prefer using your Mac in the office, but find that some work-related programs are only compatible for PCs?

Good news: When it comes to shipping and logistics solutions, UPS has you covered, thanks to a UPS Ready® partnership with NRG Software LLC.

"Mac users have a real passion for the platform and love using NRG software," says Ashley Boggs, UPS Ready strategic alliances manager. "Even more important, they are able to free up staff time to focus on customer service and sales."

NRG software takes advantage of UPS technology and tools – previously available only to PC users – that save time and free up staff. One example: thermal printing. Milwaukee-based KSK Designs now prepares 650 bulk shipping labels in about 35 minutes, a process that previously took more than a day every month. "We used to click and ship them one by one," says agency owner Chuck Kubiak. "It drove us crazy."

Free trial offer
NRGShip for UPS delivers all the power you need for domestic single-package shipping. Some of the many features are UPS rates and transit times to street-level address validation, Quantum View Notify® e-mails and integration with the Mac address book to streamline order processing – all from one easy-to-use interface. It's priced at $18.95 per month.

"Mac users who ship only a few packages a week can use with a Safari browser, but for higher volumes, NRG is quicker and more efficient," Boggs says. "It will pay for itself quickly in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction."

The Pro version of NRGShip for UPS is nearly identical to WorldShip® in functionality. It's geared to easily handle international shipping, including UPS Paperless® Invoice, multipackage shipments, batch shipping, tracking and all UPS Returns® services. It's priced at $35.95 per month.

Both versions support UPS hardware such as thermal printers, scales and bar-code scanners, and integrate with Apple-based accounting software like QuickBooks or MYOB, as well as e-commerce applications, such as GarageSale, Yahoo Store and PayPal.

"You don't have to hassle with maintaining a separate 'island' Windows shipping station or waste time rekeying orders," Boggs says. "Plus, NRG runs native on the Mac, so there's no need to support Windows" in a virtual machine.

Shippers interested in giving either version of NRG a try can take advantage of a free, no-obligation 15-day trial.

"Just download the software and try it out," Boggs says. "You can see for yourself how easy it is to use and that it supports the entire portfolio of UPS services."



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    MIke March 3, 2016
    I'm with everyone else here...shipping 10-20 packages a day, 5 days a week PLUS using UPS freight. Paying $300 plus a year to use a 3rd party software hurts. PLEASE just make a version of Worldship in App form or downloadable for Mac users!!! PLEASE!
    Marvin May 8, 2015
    still waiting on a FREE mac version of worldship
    Gregg Palmer February 24, 2015
    You know...this is complete nonsense. We have had an account with UPS for 20+ years. Why not create a version of World Ship for the Mac? Perhaps its time to explore using FedEx as a shipping alternative...
    brian November 25, 2014
    ditto; i would like either a free Mac version or continued support for winXP. I learned today that Worldship 2015 will not run on XP.
    charles October 16, 2014
    Absolutely ridiculous. This should definitely be FREE for mac users.
    donald carlson August 31, 2014
    With the Mac platform growing faster than the PC platform, it's ridiculous that Mac users have to pay for software to ship via UPS. It should be free as it for PC users.
    Cooper dean August 4, 2014
    I find it slightly ridiculous that in this day and age that something that is used by several companies is not compatible with a widely used computer system for free. we as cusomers pay UPS a lot of money the least they could do is provide a free application of worldship for mac. Paying 35.95 a month is outrageous.
    Joseph Williams June 5, 2014
    Since WorldShip is free for Windows users, why can't you support a free version for Mac users?