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iWent, iClicked, iShipped – on iGoogle

Perform the most common UPS shipping tasks from your iGoogle desktop.

Now you can ship through UPS right from your iGoogle home page.

Many people start their day at iGoogle. And why not? A single home page displays your most important things: your e-mail inbox, your Google Calendar, the day's news and weather, and just about anything else – including, now, UPS services.

With the introduction of the®  iGoogle gadget, you can get rate quotes, track and initiate UPS shipments and pickups, or find a UPS location right from your iGoogle desktop – and you don't need a UPS account number or a My® login ID.

Track: Enter your tracking number and choose Track to get shipping details displayed directly in iGoogle. You can keep tabs on your package's progress right there in the gadget.

Create a shipment: Enter the shipment's weight and destination. Choose Continue, and you'll be directed to, where you can continue processing the shipment and pay with your credit card.

Calculate time and cost: Enter the shipment's weight and the ship to/from ZIP Codes, and a list of shipping options and prices will be displayed.

Schedule a pickup: Enter a pickup city or ZIP Code and you'll be taken to, where you can complete the process. You can bill the pickup to a credit card, the receiver, a third party or your UPS account.

Find locations: Find all UPS locations by city, state or ZIP Code. You can choose any type of location, all locations or a mix: a location of The UPS Store®; a UPS Customer Center that provides shipping and receiving (usually attached to a UPS operations facility); a drop box; an authorized shipping outlet (such as a Pak Mail Store); or a UPS alliance retailer (such as an Office Depot or Staples store). You'll get a list of locations close by, with the full address, the phone number and a map to each.

The iGoogle gadget can be used for documents and packages weighing less than 150 pounds. You can find it in the iGoogle directory, which is accessible from the iGoogle home page or by going here. If you don't already have a Google login through an existing Gmail, YouTube, Google+ or other Google account, you can create a free account to immediately start using iGoogle and the UPS gadget.

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