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New marketplace shipping on streamlines e-commerce even more

Online marketplace orders will soon integrate with UPS shipping.


Small and home-based businesses that want to tap into the explosive growth of online retail marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon will find it easier with marketplace shipping on

Marketplace shipping makes it easier to integrate shipping with online retail marketplaces.

This new addition to UPS’s suite of e-commerce solutions integrates with eBay and Amazon* to automatically import orders, letting you process shipments in as few as two clicks.

And if you want to do business globally, marketplace shipping is a multilingual solution that supports up to 20 online seller accounts, 10 for each marketplace.**

Getting started is easy. Once you enroll via, orders are automatically imported from your marketplace seller accounts each time you log into and you may refresh your orders at any time while shipping marketplace orders. Your marketplace order details are pre-populated with the customer name, ship-to address, order number, date, item description and (if available from the marketplace) weight, dimensions and shipping service level. Once you confirm and add any needed details (i.e., UPS service level), just press the “Ship Now” button to print your label.

But ease of use doesn't stop there. The Order Management function lets you:

  • Search by common fields like order number, order date or ship-to address, making it easy to respond when a customer asks, “Where’s my order?”
  • Process multiple orders in a batch, or one at a time
  • Combine multiple orders from the same customer into a single shipment
  • Export orders to WorldShip® for convenient shipping along with the rest of your UPS packages
  • Eliminate extra key entry by automatically uploading completed shipment and tracking information back to each marketplace

The Order History screen will let you search prior orders by day, week, month, marketplace or other criteria, giving you visibility not only into shipments, but what’s selling best in which marketplace.***

Learn more or sign up for marketplace shipping

*The Amazon solution is currently available only to Pro-Merchant sellers, with a minimum 40 orders per week.

**Available for nine Pacific Rim and European countries for Amazon with support for multiple languages.

***Order history is currently only available for eBay orders.



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