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UPS's online claims service quickens the reporting process, allowing you to access information around the clock.

The claims service on puts you in control. Register for your My UPS profile to get 24/7 access to claims information (along with other benefits).

If the unexpected happens to a shipment, it's easy with UPS to get back on track. Just visit Claims at

No matter how you ship, Claims at is available 24/7 to enable you to:  

  • Report issues regarding your shipments
  • Quickly view the status of any existing claims
  • View your claims history
  • Conveniently supply claims-related documentation online

Saving time, speeding resolution
“There are many advantages to handling claims online,” says Aaron Gill, a UPS Customer Technology Marketing product manager. “It saves time for customers making claims and speeds claims processing, which can result in faster resolution of your claim.”

In addition, your ability to provide better customer service in the event of a claim can also benefit your customers. If a package is missing, you can report it online, day or night, without even having to pick up the phone. And if your customer calls to inquire about the status of a missing or damaged package, Claims at can help you quickly find the status of that claim, enabling you to provide an immediate answer. 

A simple process
To get started with Claims at, you must first register for My UPS® at When you are registered and logged in, you can:

  • Report a lost or damaged package
  • Report an uncollected C.O.D. payment
  • Request an investigation
  • Get up-to-date status reports of your claim
  • Cancel a claim 

Claims at is accessible from a number of locations on, including the Support tab, where you can select File a Claim.

When you report a package problem, UPS will conduct a search or investigation. You may be asked to provide documentation in support of your claim, such as original invoices, purchase orders, photos or proof of shipment. 

When a claim has been approved, UPS will process the payment, sending a claims settlement or check, typically within 10 business days. 

At UPS, we know that looking after your customers during business hours is your No. 1 priority. And with online access to claims information, you can take care of any unexpected package-related events on your schedule. 

Be sure to register for My UPS to start and view claims 24/7.    

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Lara September 21, 2015
I had same problem and found this site which is very easy to use , you only need to paste your track number, UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, DPD ... It's worth a try, works without errors, I am very satisfied.
Joanna September 20, 2015
If you have problems with tracking number you can solve using , which works very well and accurately!!! You get all the info about it: origin and destination country, current status and location, translation feature and others. Very helpful online package tracking service.
Kevin L February 23, 2015
UPS SurePost is an absolute joke. I don't use USPS for a reason - they can't deliver to my address. Why doesn't UPS validate the address with USPS before allowing vendors to select SurePost as an option? We PAY for UPS service for a reason!!!!
John K February 21, 2015
I just had to request a refund from because of a package that arrived at the ups center 15 minutes away from my house, then never got the package after it was handed off to the postal service. I could have drove down the road and picked it up. Geez.
Lisa D February 19, 2015
Wow, I thought this was only happening in my area. The worst thing is that my husband has specialty medicine coming via SurePost and I know he won't get it. ( I have never received anything via this method except lip service from my local post office saying there's no package for me, contact my shipper) This is a shame this has been going on for so long and nothing has been done about it. Glad to see the info about upgrading to UPS Ground
Jen W. January 14, 2015
It seems that UPS should care that something with their name on it (UPS SurePost) is causing so many people so many problems. For me, a second package in less than a month has gone "missing". Maybe it's time UPS reevaluates its relationship with the USPS or works with them to improve on the delivery statistics. When you're in the business of delivering packages, at least a few of them should...well...get delivered.
Joseph B December 16, 2014
I am so glad I am not alone this ups sure post is a mess. They have loss three of my packages this month alone. It states delivery but no one knows where b./c it never went to my shipping address. He then puts it in a postal locker no one knows where it's at. They should take it to the post office instead of leaving it at a location. The retailers for being cheap is losing money b/c I am getting refunded back.
Tee November 14, 2014
I am beyond irritated with UPS SurePost. What is sure is that you just may not get your package. I tracked the shipment from the retailer with whom I ordered. UPS shows that it is "delivered" - 2 days ago. The problem it this: (1) it is NOT delivered and (2) UPS can take no further actions on the package once it goes to SurePost. Oh, and 3 - I get a notice in my mailbox from the US Post Office - dated 11/8, saying i have a package. I go to the post office, they don't have it. Worse yet, Tracking says it was delivered 11/12. Come on people.
Compass Guy June 23, 2014
Jack, I am sorry about your delayed and expensive delivery experience. The online retailer chose the shipping option, and it is the lowest cost service. It's not available to you and me. It's a contract service available mainly to large e-tailers. UPS My Choice members who see that a package is coming via Sure Post can upgrade to UPS Ground. Otherwise, you get the service that the shipper requests. And yours is the worst-case scenario, and I'm sorry you went through all of that.
Jack Needham June 20, 2014
Your SurePost program is horrible. I ordered a package from Amazon, to be delivered by UPS. Meanwhile, I turned in an address change to USPS because of an extended vacation. No problem, I thought, the package is coming via UPS, and the USPS change of address won't affect it. WRONG! You people turned the delivery over to USPS when it got to my town, and they held it for two days, sent it 200 miles to Phoenix and back and then charged me because forwarding was not included in the freight I originally paid Amazon. So, thanks to SurePost, I had to pay freight to UPS as well as more freight to USPS. Is that what you had in mind when you came up with this ridiculous program? If I contract with UPS to deliver my package, THEY SHOULD DELIVER IT.
JayDub 73 May 22, 2014
I get really frustrated with UPS's association with USPS. My UPS guy is spot on with great delivery, knows me, and I never have a problem with packages that are sent direct. EVERY SINGLE ONE that comes "UPS Sure Post" arrives late (if at all) or I have to track it a week later to find it's at the Post Office (and no note was left with instructions) or damaged. There is a reason the USPS is hurting and it is called POOR customer service. PLEASE UPS, disassociate yourselves from them!! They are only hurting your image and frustrating your customers who normally are quite pleased with you.
Compass Guy March 10, 2014
Jane, I appreciate the difficulty you're having. I have tried to order things UPS -- obviously -- and seem to be unable to from certain websites. Rest assured, UPS still delivers nearly 17 million packages every day, but the shipper typically makes the choice. Many times the shipper chooses final delivery by the Postal Service because it saves them money.
Jane Mercer March 8, 2014
Can't do mail order anymore. When I do, I get a notice from the post office that I have to drive to the post office (and wait in line for at least 15 minutes and be greeted with all the refreshing charm of a prison guard while they all move at exactly half speed and glare at me) to get the package that I have already paid for delivery on. Since I do not do this, the packages are shipped back to the shipper, and I never receive them. I call each and every company to request driver delivery. Most of them refuse to guarantee the shipping method, so I tell them that I will not be ordering as a result, and why (see above). The one company that has promised to ship according to my request has still yet failed to get a package to me, although we have been working on this one package delivery since January. I have a question: What do you do for a living now, that is, how to you receive revenue, now that you no longer deliver packages to customers?
The Compass Guy August 8, 2011
Hi Anonymouses, the Compass guy here. Regarding the lost bag, I'm glad to say that it has been located. All shippers would be well advised to note that it's very important that shipping labels be securely affixed to items being shipped. Regarding shipping to PO Boxes, our terms and conditions state: 12. P.O. Boxes UPS does not provide Delivery to a P.O. Box. The shipper must make every effort to obtain a street address. If the shipper should use a P.O. Box address, the recipient’s telephone number must be included. A package addressed to a P.O. Box may experience delays, is not covered by any UPS Service Guarantee, and is subject to an Address Correction charge. Accordingly, UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. Customers who use our UPS Basic service, in which we transfer the final delivery to the USPS should note that this service is being phased out and replaced by UPS SurePost. I suggest that you contact the shipper(s) to make sure they send via UPS Ground or air services, using your physical address. Best - Jerry
Anonymous August 4, 2011
I am having trouble getting my packages delivered by UPS. I have a Post Office Box and they do not deliver to my home address. UPS sends the packages to USPS for delivery. I want my packages delivered to my home by UPS. Is there anyway to get this done??????? PLEASE