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Why call when you can chat? New live chat for UPS Internet Shipping

Hi there. It's a part of my job to make shipping on simpler and easier. And, thanks to some new developments, there's some really good news for international shippers.

By Erika Alvarez, Marketing Analyst, UPS Customer Technology, on 1/26/2011

Times are about to start getting better for those shipping internationally on Now, a UPS shipping specialist is available to answer questions through live chat.

It's a part of my job to make shipping on simpler and easier. And, thanks to some new developments, there's some really good news for international shippers.

International shipping, without a doubt, is a little more complex than shipping a small package from New Orleans to New York. When the destination happens to be New Delhi, there's no doubt we can get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of questions and potential paperwork required.

Need help preparing your next international shipment? You're probably not alone.

But we all know that getting our questions answered is not always an easy task, especially when we have to call an automated system, no matter how good it is. The fact is, we'd rather chat with a live person. Well, now you no longer have to pick up a phone, find the correct number or talk to an automated attendant. UPS Internet Shipping offers a live chat assistant that can guide you through the process and point you in the right direction whenever you come across a customs or paperwork challenge when shipping overseas.

All you need to do is provide the destination country, service level and weight of your package, and you'll then be offered a UPS live chat session. Select the Live Chat icon to the left of the screen; provide your e-mail address and the question that you'd like to ask. After completing these steps, a UPS shipping specialist will become available through a chat session to help you prepare your international shipment.

And the good news doesn't stop there! Soon, live chat will be expanded to also include domestic shipments. So soon you can have your online shipping questions answered by an online shipping specialist right then and there. So chat away, and ship sooner and with less hassle. I think you'll like it!

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Anonymous April 19, 2012
i want awb copy is it possible to get the awb
Compass Guy June 13, 2012
Thanks for your question about shipping electronic cigarettes to Oman. To do so, you will need a copy of the invoice, as well as stating the country of origin where the electronic cigarettes are made. Hope that helps! The Compass Guy
Compass Guy June 13, 2012
Anonymous, Thanks for the question about connecting your printer. Have you tried hooking the printer up to your Mac to see if it's compatible? Please let me know if you continue to experience difficulties. Best, The Compass Guy
Ask the Expert May 15, 2013
Cliff, Can you send me this question via email: I need your email addres to help you.
MELISSA May 20, 2013
Can you ship wine from a winery internationally? To China?
PY June 4, 2013
We need to remove the live chat bar as it is taking up screen space. We setup the screen at around 800x600 so that all the text are large and easy to read to make sure all the information is correct. It is VERY NOT CONVENIENCE keep scrolling up and down the page to see the buttons on the bottom.
Dan Klaybor June 8, 2013
What is my UPS Account number?
Alexandria Newman June 10, 2013
I am trying to ship a gift to a client as a thank you but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to ship a bottle of gin. Is alcohol allowed or do I have ot have it delivered another way? Thanks
Cappidad August 15, 2014
I'm attempting to complete a USPS online request form for a small package pickup (priority mail) at my home today. The online USPS form will not allow me to proceed to the "when should we pick up" screen. That screen and the following are "greyed out." I'd like the Priority box picked up today at regular time by my regular carrier. How do I complete the form, and can it be picked up today? I assume I could watch for the carrier and hand it to her early this afternoon, but I'd prefer the option of leaving it in plain view at my front door. Thanks.....
Compass Guy August 15, 2014
Cappidad, you're asking the wrong guy! This is a question for the U.S. Postal Service instead of UPS. Their website is