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Get to 100 percent cost allocation

Four UPS solutions can help ensure that you charge customers or departments the right amount for shipping – and get an extra hand with tasks.

Companies that need to quickly and easily allocate shipping costs to clients or departments will reap major benefits from these four UPS tools.

As the economy slowly recovers, professional services companies – for example, law firms, consultancies, architectural and engineering firms, and real estate offices – find themselves trying to do more with less. Many are operating with scaled-down administrative staffs. It's the kind of environment where a little shipping expertise can go a long way in financial terms.

Enter UPS. Our technology tools can simplify shipping, help reduce expenses, quickly capture billing information and allocate shipping costs so that the firm can more easily recover them from clients.

"That's where the technology angle comes in," says Casey Williams, a UPS marketing manager for professional services. "We really can help you, even if you have a small administrative staff."

Using three or four of these products goes a long way in a short-handed (or even well-staffed) office. UPS CampusShip®, a Web-based shipping system designed for companies with distributed staff members or multiple offices, but also suitable for a single location with many shippers, allows for easy cost allocation and oversight by a designated administrator. UPS Billing Center and UPS Billing Data help companies keep a close eye on shipping costs and process invoices faster. And UPS Quantum View®Manage  enables users to track each shipment every step of the way, ensuring that critical documents arrive, and even return, in a timely manner.

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Here's a closer look at these efficiency-oriented technologies:

UPS CampusShip
With its robust cost-allocation capabilities, CampusShip is a powerful tool for client-driven companies. CampusShip can be set up to require that a reference number be assigned to each shipment.

"Administrators can customize the reference field to be cost center codes, client matter codes or even bar codes," says UPS marketing analyst Erika Alvarez. "Then accounts receivable can properly allocate and, if appropriate, recover those costs."

To better control shipping expenses, administrators can assign shipping privileges to individual employees and control their access to various shipping services.

"They can see who is shipping what, what they are shipping and how much it is costs, and they don't have to wait for a UPS invoice to get the complete picture," Alvarez says. "They also can tap into CampusShip's shipping history information to monitor and manage expenses over time."

To learn more about, or get started with, CampusShip, contact your UPS account representative or select "Request More Information" here.

UPS Billing Center and UPS Billing Data
The quicker a company can access its invoices, the sooner it can bill for services. With both UPS Billing Data and UPS Billing Center, you can get invoicing information anytime. Here's the difference:

  • UPS Billing Center enables you to securely view and pay invoices online.
  • UPS Billing Data is a detailed electronic data feed of shipping charges designed to integrate with third-party accounting applications.

With either option, electronic access means you don't have to wait for your invoice to arrive by mail before you can allocate costs. "You receive your invoice faster, so you can bill your customers sooner," says UPS marketing analyst Kate Pientka. "It speeds up cash flow."

Quantum View Manage
Where would a service company be without great customer service? Quantum View Manage helps companies stay on top of critical shipments in transit, such as documents on deadline, while controlling costs. The tool provides shipment status every step of the way, enabling you to anticipate and resolve potential problems, such as delay in transit caused by inclement weather, or just quickly glance at a status page to see that all shipments are on time. Quantum View Manage also can be set to automatically inform customers of shipping events and delivery dates. That means less stress on already stretched-thin customer service resources.

The best news yet? CampusShip, billing solutions and Quantum View Manage all work together, allowing for seamless management of your company's shipping. With these solutions, you'll feel like you've added a shipping expert to your staff to help you get closer to 100 percent shipping cost allocation. These four tools are available to UPS customers at no extra cost.

After all, if you're not passing along shipping costs to customers, you're paying for them out of your profits.

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