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The publication from UPS that features the latest product information and business insights.


At UPS, we know that our customers are busy people. That's why we created Compass®. With the latest product news to help you ship smarter and insights on business subjects such as exporting, Compass offers news you can use to help your business grow – all in one place.

We're always interested in your feedback about the publication and ideas for future content; share your thoughts with the Compass editors on our Ask the Expert Forum. We appreciate your feedback, favorable or otherwise.


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Compass Guy February 18, 2015
D. Stearns, I sent you an e-mail but it bounced back. You can send a message via Ask the Expert, and just give us the old mailing information and what you'd like changed, and we will request the database be fixed accordingly for future mailings. Thank you!
D. Stearns February 18, 2015
I have a similar question. Rather than removal from receipt of the quarterly, I need to change the name of the recipient to our new shipping manager. Judging from the date of "Anonymous's" message, I'm not sure if I'll receive a very prompt response.
Wally Kroeker April 23, 2014
Who can I contact requesting permission to reprint an article from Compass?
Anonymous November 15, 2012
How do we remove ourselves from the Compass paper newsletter?